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We show the Reviews of Scopri Cagliari because we care about your opinions. Here are some reviews about our tours that you can find on our Youtube Channel or on the platforms where you can leave reviews like TripAdvisor, Google o Facebook.

You can find here also a photo gallery with some of the customers who sent us their pictures made during the tours. As you can see each electric bike is equipped with basket, kickstand and rearview mirror and are suitables to little childrens and puppies. 

Oliver & Michaela 

Two German guests of the B&B Attico Bianco tell Ada and the other guests their experience during the tour “to discover the pink flamingos” along the park and Poetto beach.

Matteo Lodi

Matteo, at the end of his itinerary by electric bike, through the streets of the city of Cagliari, in the park and along the beach, tells how the tour took place.


The owner of the B&B I’MC Io AMo Cagliari, seeing the enthusiasm of her guests returning from the nature tours organized by Scopri Cagliari, wanted to do the tour and and was enthusiastic.


A short video by Ada during her e-bike tour. Very close to the beautiful pink flamingos, protagonists of the Natural Park, a true oasis in the city of Cagliari

Massimo e Roberta

One day as tourists in their own city. Massimo and Roberta used the electric bike for the first time and found the experience fantastic ! The pedal assisted bike is a feather, no effort even after 3 hours.


A nice review on the Poetto beach with the background of the “Selle del diavolo”. Sergio has had a wonderful experience in one of the most exclusive reserves in the Mediterranean area. The electric bike is easy to use and very fun.

“Majestic flamingos”

“The tour takes you along a natural park where it is really exciting to admire the pink flamingos up close, discover the nuances of their colors, the elegance of the movements in flight and in the dance that they do when they look for food in the saltworks. The park is truly an oasis of peace where the only sounds come from the birds themselves. I would do it again tomorrow.”

SON2000 (Tripadvisor)

“Recommended tour”

“I recommend This electric bike tour with audio guide to everyone as it is really impressive and exciting.
I made the tour in the park surrounded by nature where you can see the flamingos in their environment and feel the scents of the vegetation.
This is an experience that will remain in your heart and that you should not lose if you come on holiday or if you live in Cagliari. An eulogy also to the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. Thank you for your nice initiative to make Cagliari known “

Ivan (Google)

“To be tried”

“I had the pleasure of doing the electric bike tour with audio guides in the natural park and Poetto beach. The staff is kind and motivated.I found it very pleasant and it gives you the opportunity to see the flamingos up close! A must-see during your stay in Cagliari.
To me that I live in Cagliari allowed to discover new things and to see my city with a different eye”

Carmen (Google)

“Places I would have never seen”

“The tour was amazing, I saw places that I would have never seen without the bike. For me that I have problems with a knee, with the electric bike it was a walk without effort. To see the flamingos so close is a marvel. Laura is very kind and nice, she is great. During the tour everyone has headphones with an audio guide that explains the history of all the places you visit. I would say absolutely fantastic and recommended “

Gabri (Facebook)


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“Scopri Cagliari" provides fascinating and fun guided tours with the electric bike to discover Cagliari, the sea, the beaches and the parks. A must see during your stay in Cagliari and in Sardinia.



Via S.Alenixedda 15, 09128, Cagliari


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