Pink Flamingos
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Pink flamingos cagliari



About what to see in Cagliari, the pink flamingos are one of the most exciting.

Flamingos are the most famous inhabitants of these ponds and it could not be otherwise. Even if you are not fond of nature you will be charmed by them. They are among the biggest flying birds in the world, they are about 150 cm high and live in groups of thousands of specimen. They are present all year round in Cagliari but their number varies. They move from Molentargius to Santa Gilla and to other wetlands in the Mediterranean and Africa. The ponds in Cagliari are an important habitat for these birds, in some periods as many as 15000 are hosted here.

In Sardinian language flamingos have different names. In

the Cagliari area is called “su mangoni” and it refers to all waders. The most interesting name is the one used in the Oristano area where they are called “sa genti arrubia” which means “the red people”. This has a great symbolic meaning, it says that these wonderful animals have the same status of equal dignity as the human inhabitants, a people apart, able to fly, whose name deserves respect and arouses admiration.

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